Primo Ager (Opaque Door) / For up to 100 lb (45 kg) meat / Avail. 110v & 240v

Primo Ager (Opaque Door) / For up to 100 lb (45 kg) meat / Avail. 110v & 240v

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Primo Ager (PA-400) is fully automated and ensures your meat is always of the highest quality and safety standards. Temperature, humidity and air flow are strictly regulated and controlled by the integrated smart system and can be easily tracked and modified from the mobile app. Receive live updates directly to your phone and know exactly when your meat is ready to eat.

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    Primo Ager Product Features:

    * Multi-functional dry age fridge for meat, charcuterie, cheese or wine storage 

    * Largest capacity in half the size of a normal wine fridge (225% larger than any other major brands)

    * Age up to 100 lbs (45kg) of meat safely, effectively, and professionally with only 3 sq. feet of space

    * Capacity 130 litre

    * Highly accurate temperature and humidity control system

    * Self-regulatory humidity system – no external water supply and no drainage required 

    * Industrial standard evaporator (including compressor and condenser)

    * Industrial standard HIPS inner body

    * 304 black stainless-steel body, with high density heat insulating material

    * Primo Air Jet Booster ensures optional air flow

    * Built-in UV-C light air sterilization

    * 304 stainless steel plate, with matt grey finish

    * 304 black stainless steel body, with high density heat insulating material

    * Auto defrost, auto condensation evaporation

    * Uniquely modern design with LED notification system

    * Cloud auto logging by day/week/month

    * OTA (over the air) hardware upgrades

    * Real-time notification for prime usage from 7 – 90 days. Custom setting is also avail.

    * Security and door alarm system

    * Phone App & Smart home ready via Google Home and Amazon Alexa

    * Standalone unit with international voltage support (110v / 240v)

    * Advanced meat rack compartment system prevents cross-contamination, with flexibility in storage for full- or half-sized racks of beef



    Unit size: W 21.3" (54cm) x D 23.6" (60cm) x H 43.3"(110cm) 

    Packing size: W 29" (74cm) x D 31.5" (80cm) x H 63" (160cm) 

    Pallet size: W 33" (84cm) x D 35.4" (90cm) x H63" (160cm) 



    PA-400 (Opaque Door) - G.W. 215lb (98kg), N.W. 202lb (92kg)

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