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Primo Rack, Accessories
& Add-Ons
Optional Proprietary Partition Racks & Accessories

Our advanced proprietary meat racks prevent cross-contamination while giving you flexibility in storing full or half-sized racks of steak. The unique design maximizes your meat’s surface area exposure to air while minimizing the space needed for storage. This allows you to age more meat simultaneously, while ensuring each piece gets the air exposure it needs to dry-age properly.

Apart from the Primo Racks, we also provide stainless stain hanging rod, hanger and shelves to maximize the flexibility of storage.

Primo Rack

Primo advanced meat rack compartment system prevents cross-contamination with flexibility in storage for various subprimal beef cuts.

Hanging rod & shelves

304 Stainless steel accessories:

  • Wired Shelves 

  • S-hook

  • Hanger Rod

Exclusive Primo Ager PremiumCut Carving Knife Set
  • By Giesser Messer, world leading knife makers since 1776

  • Top of the line series knives

  • High-quality chrome-molybdenum steel

  • Hardened at 1050°C

  • Tempered to a full 57 HRC

  • Hand-finished by master craftsmen

  • 8” (20cm) blade

  • Red Diamond Color

  • Made in Germany

Giesser Primo Carving set copy.png
Maximize The Capacity
Option 1
Primo Ager Exclusive meat rack 
holds up to 100 lbs (45kgs)

Meat types: 
109A - bone-in ribeye, strip loin, T-bone


Each Rack holds around 13 lbs (6kgs) 4-5 bones beef rib 

Each shelf x 3 racks

2 shelves 

Bottom – approx. holds 13 lbs – 16 lbs (6-8 kgs)


Practical & efficient Storage / Avoid crossed contamination / Consistent supplies


You will get the most efficient, practical way to dry age at max capacity.

Option 2
Free Style on Stainless Steel wire shelves
holds up to 66 lbs (30kgs)

13.2 lbs (6kg) 4-5 bones beef rib x 5 cuts



Variety of meat / Different dry age duration


Free style of your dry aging to place on the 2 levels of stainless steel wire shelves.


2 x 5 bones 109A cut per wire shelf (total 2 shelves)

1 x 5 bones 109A cut placed horizontally on lower shelf

Option 3
The Hunter way on Hanger Rod
holds up to 88lbs (40kgs) 

103/107- 1 full size 55 lbs (25 kgs) or

109A - 2x full size; 22 lbs (10 kgs) each


Max hanging weight:

88 lbs (40 kgs)



Full size meat / Variety of meat / Max airflow / Different dry age duration

Hang your desire cut of meat (103/107/109) on this heavy-duty stainless steel rod for maximum dry age surface.

Maximize the capacity
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