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Can I use my ager straight out from the box after delivery?

Due to the extended long shipment schedule, many shipments are now stored in the container over 6+ weeks in the ocean. To stabilize the environmental friendly refrigerant, we suggest after your unboxing, do not plug to the wall socket immediately.  Let your ager sits for at least 5-6 hours or best overnight before plugging in. 

The Humidity (RH) reading is swinging between 70-85%, is it normal?

The mechanism behind RH controlled by the compressor which works coincided with the evaporator.   When the ager is set at temperature 1c (34F), RH tends to be in the lower side due to more frequent cold air circulation. It will create the pellicle of the meat faster.  When the compressor idles, the atmosphere brings up RH to maintain the level.  However, we noticed some areas like high humidity cities, near coastal areas and even in a cold indoor room, the behaviour of RH tends to be in the higher side either by the affect of atmosphere or the less frequent running of the compressor.  Also, RH level may be different according to the type of food placed inside the cabinet, such as Beef vs. Poultry. 

How to check the firmware version and how to upgrade it?

Press  i  on LCD panel.  Hardware and display firmware are shown here. 

On the setup menu, press  OTA  to begin the process > follow on screen instruction.


Latest firmware version (as of Dec. 2022)

PA-400/PAG400 with 3.2 LCD - OTA ver. 1..52              Display 3.2 LCD - ver. 1.02

PA-400/PAG400 with 3.5 LCD - OTA ver. 2.02              Display 3.5 LCD - ver. 0.01

After I put my Bone-in ribeye, the temperature and humidity fluctuate. Does it seem to be ok?

In dry aging, the ideal temperature and relative humidity (RH) is between 2-5°C (35-41°f) and 70-85% RH. We pre-set the Dry Age mode to 2°C (35f), 80% RH and that is what the system will take in reference to regulate the ager atmosphere. However, as you can see on the LCD the readings might fluctuate, it is because those are real time detection. Unlike many other consumer products like home fridges and wine fridges that show only the static average readouts. Professional units like the Primo Ager offer live readings and it is NORMAL that the readings fluctuate.  Fluctuation occurs to a greater or less extent when door opens, compressor kicks in, during defrost and when new meat is placed inside etc.

I saw a purple blue snowflake icon, what is it?

Despite the setting is at 1-2c (33-35f), it is close to freezing point (0c or 32f) that fair amount of moist will eventually built up in the evaporator and causes ice patch on the back panel. Primo units programmed to have a temporary defrost to ease off some of the freeze up and that’s why you will notice the purple blue snowflake icon (Defrost) set off from time to time which is normal.  But in some rare situation might causes the unit to frequently jump to defrost mode, in that case you may need to unplug the unit until all ice patch has melted. 

What is the measurements and weight of Primo Ager?

Dimension: H 43.3” (110cm)  x W 21.2” (54cm) x D 23.6” (60cm) 

Weight:  PA-400 (Opaque door version) 203lbs (92kgs) / PAG-400 (Glass door version) 215lbs (98kgs)

Is Primo Ager detect in real time?

YES!  Primo Ager detects temperature and relative humidity (RH) in real time which display live readings on LCD. The sensor is located in the lower side of cabinet and is super sensitive to the surrounding.  The detection changes when fresh meat placed inside / door opens / compressor kicks-in.   

Will Primo Ager control according to the temperature & Humidity of different locations?

Primo Ager comes equipped with the Primo Humi+ System, which generates high levels of humidity without requiring an external water supply. However, the external factors of temperature and relative humidity may potentially impact the humidification effect.  Details can be found HERE

What kind of plugs and voltage does Primo Ager use?

- USA and Canada are supplied in 110v/60Hz with USA plug type B.

- Australia & New Zealand are supplied in 230v/50Hz with UK plug type I.

- UK / Hong Kong / Singapore are supplied in 230v/50Hz with UK plug type G.

Please contact us by email at for further enquiry.

For more information about A/C plugs, please check HERE 


What is the warranty? 

1 year factory warranty; thereafter, please contact your local distributor or email to us at

How do I get replacement parts? 

Most parts are not designed to fix or to replace by end users, such as the compressor & humidity system, smart module, door panel and etc.  Replacement parts within the 1st year is included.  Owners may purchase consumable parts such as active carbon filter and UV-C light bulb from the local distributor or contact

revised: 8 Dec, 2022

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