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ドライエイジングとは、保護包装をせずに、制御された環境で枝肉やサブプライマル カットを保存するプロセスで、天然の酵素が肉を柔らかくし、風味を向上させます。これにより風味が凝縮され、その結果、ナッツ、「ファンキー」、ブルーチーズのような複雑な風味プロファイルを持つ柔らかいカットになります.


空気の流れ、一貫した温度、制御された相対湿度 (RH) と時間が必要です。

We have a growing family and I believe this would be an excellent option for buying the sub-primal cuts.  While it is being “stored”, I could also age the meat. What is the consumption rate?

PAG-400 is designed especially for homes and smaller restaurants.  But, the capacity is the largest in its class, holding up to 100 lbs (45 kg) of meat with the use of our exclusive meat racks. Consumption rate will depend on the frequency of consumption and length of dry aging. Please see below reference:

Length of Dry Aging: 30 days

Meat:  Prime Ribeye bone-in; professional butcher called it, size 109 cut (about 6-7 bones)

Primo Ager capacity:  up to 100 lbs (roughly 11-15 lbs / 5kg-7kg) meat per rack in 6 racks + One 1/2 size 109 cut 

If you are dry aging as above, ending on the 30th day, you can start consuming your steaks from the meat racks.  Each meat rack serves roughly 4-5 Tomahawk steaks (each tomahawk is around 40 oz).  So, if you replenish the empty rack, basically you can have this amazing dry aged steak every 4 - 5 days.

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