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Primo Ager App

Amazon Alexa Smart Home

*Full functions avail. in some countries only

Hardware firmware Upgrade Instruction (Machine & LCD)
for older firmware prior v.1.4x use only

This upgrade instruction is for machine with firmware V1.1x / 1.2x / 1.4x to the latest

Major changes:
- enhanced humidity control
- enhanced LED display layout + more accurate readings

Display Firmware Upgrade Instruction (LCD only)

This instruction is for older display firmware v.1.0 (3.2” LCD)

Display firmware file

Major changes:

- new display layout

- more accurate readings

Remote Check up Guide 

Prior using this guide, please contact our Customer Service to book in advance with our technician.

Alternative WiFi Connection Guide

User Guide and Quick Start

revised: 8 Dec, 2022

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