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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Primo Ager?

Primo Ager is the most advanced, state-of-the-art dry-aged beef refrigerator available for serious cooks. The unique size of the unit is smaller than any professional dry age fridge but big enough to store up to 100lb (45kg) of meat.

Who needs Primo Ager?

Primo Ager allows anyone to enjoy the dry aging process without the need for special training or attention. It’s designed for serious cooks who love meat!

Why is Primo Ager far better than DIY?

Our Primo Ager is designed from the ground up at professional kitchen standards.  It is made with high quality materials, including 304 stainless steel, and components that hotels and restaurant kitchens have been sourcing from us in the past 2 decades. Primo Ager offers the perfect temperature and humidity to safely cultivate the right bacteria for dry aging. It is equipped with Smart technology via WiFi for real time monitoring. 

Where can I download Owner’s Guide and Quick Start?

The user guide is available on the Primo Ager app. Or, you may download a soft copy from here.

Where is the product shipped out from?

Depending the shipment size and destination, most orders will ship out directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong or for bulk shipments, directly from factory in China.

Is Primo Ager available in my country?

At Primo Ager, we ship worldwide.  All orders are going through a professionally packed in-house with protective material to ensure safety deliveries.  International shipments are responsible for customs clearing/duties and local taxation which may be subject to customs polices from country to country.  We suggest you should contact your local customs office for more detail. 

You may also want to check out our expanding distribution for the nearest distributor near you.   

What is the warranty? 

1 year factory warranty; thereafter, please contact your local distributor or email to us at

How do I get replacement parts? 

Most parts are not designed to fix or to replace by end users, such as the compressor & humidity system, smart module, door panel and etc.  Replacement parts within the 1st year is included.  Owners may purchase consumable parts such as active carbon filter and UV-C light bulb from HERE

What is the measurements and weight of Primo Ager?

Dimension: H 43.3” (110cm)  x W 21.2” (54cm) x D 23.6” (60cm) 

Weight:  PA-400 (Opaque door version) 203lbs (92kgs) / PAG-400 (Glass door version) 215lbs (98kgs)

revised: 15 November 2021

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